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December 29, 2021

Latest company case about AIR SUSPENSION ADVANTAGES
One major advantage of air suspension is its ability to keep the car’s ride height constant. This is because it can control the volume of the air in the bellows.
So, despite varying passenger or luggage loads, the vehicle’s wheel geometry (camber, castor, toe-in/out) is unaffected. This benefits driving comfort and overall handling.
Ride height control is also selectable on some models, usually sports utility vehicles. For off-roading, selecting a raised ride height sends a signal to the compressor to pump more air into the bellows.
Conversely, releasing the air lowers the vehicle, which will enhance aerodynamic efficiency at high velocities. Speed-dependent controllability is usually part of the modern air suspension system.
Compared to steel coil springs, air suspension offers far superior ride comfort. In addition, the self-levelling capability enables consistent handling regardless of the occupancy/cargo load on board.
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