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Guanghzou Viking Quality Control


In order to ensure the good running of a comprehensive quality management, pay attention to my company to improve the quality of the staff, enhance the quality consciousness, arouse the enthusiasm of each employee, everyone do a good job in nature in the process of product manufacturing, on the basis of the process of quality management system model, to ensure that the product quality formation process is controlled by the method of in the provisions of the program files and maintain long-term, stable product quality.


Each production of air spring is filled with air, then put it into the water to test whether the bubbling gas leakage of the air spring.

Blasting test, fatigue test, the air spring blasting pressure is up to 30 atmospheric pressure, fatigue reach to 3 million times.


To name just a few of Viking testing requirement and equitments 




                                                  Testing Machines



Guangzhou Viking Auto Parts Co., Ltd. quality control 0



                                              Rubber Performance Testing


NO. ITEMS Technical Requirement
1 Tensile Strength,MPa ≥20
2 Break elongation,% ≥500
3 Permanent deformation,% ≤35
4 Compression deformation,% ≤30
5 Hardens,Shore type A(°) 55~65
6 Scratch Cracking,(Million times) ≥1
7 Brittle Temp,℃ <-45
8 Aging ±20 ±20
±20 ±20
±8 ±8
9 Ozone resistant properties(55pphm,40℃×72h,Strentch20%) No cracking





  • Guangzhou Viking Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
    Standard: IATF16949
    Number: 01111105685
    Issue Date: 2021-08-20
    Expiry Date:
    Scope/Range: Quality Management
    Issued By: TUV Rheinland
  • Guangzhou Viking Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
    Standard: ISO 9001:2015
    Number: 01100105685
    Issue Date: 2021-09-11
    Expiry Date:
    Scope/Range: Management
    Issued By: TUV Rheinland
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